Air New Zealand finalising Boeing 787 seating layout

By David Flynn, August 30 2012
Air New Zealand finalising Boeing 787 seating layout

Air New Zealand is closing on the final seating configuration of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet, which is due to begin flying by mid-2014.

"Our first aircraft is due to be delivered in the first half of calendar year 2014 and we’re well advanced in specifying the interior fitout for that aircraft" Air NZ Chief Executive Officer Rob Fyfe said in a media briefing this morning.

"The fitout that we're looking to deploy is consistent with the fitout on our Boeing 777-300 today," Fyfye said of the airline's three-class Dreamliners, which will feature Business Premier business class, premium economy (using the airline's award-winning Spaceseat) and Economy.

AirNZ's Spaceseat is much more premium than economy
AirNZ's Spaceseat is much more premium than economy

The Kiwi flag-carrier has signed up for 10 of Boeing's 787-9 model, which is a stretched version of the debut 787-8.

Boeing lists the 787-9 as capable of seating 250–290 passengers, but while some expected AirNZ's three-class config might lean towards the lower of those numbers, "we're still finalising the actual split between cabins, how many cattle-class seats we'll have on board and so on" Fyfe said. "It's just a matter of getting the balance right."

Air NZ says its first 10 Dreamliners will replace older Boeing 767-300ERs currently used on medium-haul international routes such as to Australia and Japan, as well as launching new long-haul routes.

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Virgin Australia - Velocity Frequent Flyer

28 May 2011

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Fyfe didn't actually refer to economy as cattle class did he? 

24 Oct 2010

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He did! :)

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards (Plat)

21 May 2012

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Well if it's going to be as cramped as their 10-abreast 777 seating with so much recline that when your front neighbour puts their seat back, anyone over about 5'10" feels like they're in a coffin that's one size too small - than he used the correct term!!

24 Aug 2011

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I assume a cabin crew member would be fired if they referred to Cattle Class during an in-flight announcement.


04 Nov 2010

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"There's different rules for them that rule!"

05 Jun 2012

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where did air nz release this media statement?  It doens't appear on their site.

Also what is the source that they will have at the low end of 250-280 seats.  From what I am aware with these aircraft aimed at leisure markets the config will be economy heavy.  I expect approx 22:24:250


24 Oct 2010

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1. Rob Fyfe's comments came duting the media Q&A following AirNZ's release of its FY11-12 results, not as part of a press release.

2. The suggested 'low end of the 250-280 range' is merely an estimate based on AirNZ's existing classes. AirNZ are definitely crunching the numbers with an eye towards the tighter market and economy being a driver so they could opt to get a few extra rows of the 'cheap seats' down the back. We'll see how this shapes up very soon!

05 Jun 2012

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okay thanks. 

Yes I am looking forward to finding out as well. 

Also I am sure you were already aware but last week Rob confirmed that the 772's will be refitted to match the 77W.  Makes sense considering the schedule of 787 deliveries staggering out to 2018 - and these are just to replace the 767's and 2 747s.  Realistically the 772s will be  in the fleet another 7-10 years.  

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