Air New Zealand responds to criticism over 'swimsuit safety video'

By David Flynn, February 11 2014
Air New Zealand responds to criticism over 'swimsuit safety video'

Air New Zealand has responded to critics of its latest inflight safety video starring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, saying the beachside setting made it "entirely appropriate" that the ladies wear bikinis.

The Kiwi carrier is well known for its decidedly different safety videos, which are as much a global marketing tool as a way to ensure your seat belt is indeed fastened low and tight.

But AirNZ has had to leap to the defence of its 'Safety in Paradise' video, even on the basis of a 'behind the scenes' teaser released ahead of the actual video's debut later this month.

That's a novel experience for the airline after previously well-received clips starring Betty WhiteBear Grylls and an assortment of Hobbits.

"We have been careful to ensure Safety in Paradise has been produced in a way that is tasteful" maintains Air New Zealand spokesperson Andrew Aitken told Fairfax NZ, adding that it was "entirely appropriate they're wearing beachwear and we were careful to ensure all talent were in appropriate wardrobe choices".

The airline says it carried out extensive tests with a  section of customers and staff to ensure the video achieved the right balance between entertainment and safety messages.

'Safety in Paradise' will begin screening on Air New Zealand flights this month, but here's the 'behind the scenes' clip which everybody's talking about.

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12 Jun 2013

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Feminism was never really about women versus men. It was always about ugly women trying to bring attractive women down.

Be that as it may, it is still quite troubling for the national airline, 100% owned by the government of a country so evolved to be going down this path.

All you need is a couple of hunks in speedos to tip the balance back from misogynist to humorous.

15 Dec 2013

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Air New Zealand is no longer 100% government owned. It is still majority owned, for now.

I stand corrected. Thank you bryce05!

20 Feb 2012

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men in speedos = humorous

yet these women = misogynist

Feminist double standards!!

it seems like NZ is evolving into irrational thought...

12 Jun 2013

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Haha, oh wow, I went from +6 to -8 in a couple of hours. Apparently there's some feminist brigade out there somewhere, or else someone creating a whole lot of accounts *just* for this issue.

And while what I admit that what I said was deliberately provocative, Fiona's comment down below was harmless and yet wound up at -11. Somebody must be *really* angry about something...

20 Feb 2012

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well you and Fiona have just given NZ some hope

Rational thought exists!!

It wasn't me! LOL

15 Dec 2013

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Can't wait to see the video!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Dec 2012

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I think it's a great publicity stunt, personally not offended at all at the use of swimsuit models in a safety video. 

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