Review: ANA Boeing 787-9 business class (Sydney - Haneda, Tokyo)

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By James Fordham, May 20 2019
ANA Boeing 787-9 business class (Sydney - Haneda, Tokyo)

Sydney - Tokyo (Haneda)

Aircraft Type

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner


All Nippon Airways



Cabin Class

Business Class



The Good
  • Great timings for business travellers
  • High-quality Japanese meals
  • Comfortable fully-flat bed
The Bad
  • No pre-departure drinks or pyjamas
  • Attentive Japanese service


Flying into Tokyo’s Haneda Airport is our preferred option when jetting to Japan, and ANA’s flight schedule makes this a particularly attractive choice when heading out from Sydney.

With NH880 departing daily around 9pm and arriving at 5:30am in Tokyo, you can get a full days work in before jetting out. And when you land you're left with the full day for meetings and catching up with clients after sleeping on the roughly 10 hour flight. 

Join us as we sample the offerings on ANA’s NH880 in Business Class.


  • Frequent Flyer Program: You can credit your miles to ANA’s Mileage Club frequent flyer program, or to any Star Alliance partner airline. Additionally, you can also credit miles earned to the frequent flyer programs of Etihad, Garuda, Vietnam Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. For booking flights with ANA using points, it may be best to convert your points to the frequent flyer programs of Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines or Thai Airways.
  • Checked Baggage Allowance: Business class passengers on ANA are entitled to 2 pieces of checked baggage, weighing up to 32kg each. Star Alliance Gold members receive an extra piece (also up to 32kg in weight) as part of their baggage allowance, as do ANA Mileage Club members with a Bronze or higher status.
  • Carry-On Baggage Allowance: Carry-on baggage is limited to one piece per person, but this doesn’t include personal belongings like handbags, cameras or other small items. Passengers can bring a maximum of 10kg on-board, including personal belongings. Your carry-on baggage must be no more than 115cm in total linear dimensions, with a length of each side not exceeding 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm.
  • Priority Airport Services: Business class passengers have access to priority check-in lanes at Sydney Airport, as well as access to Express Path security (although this is currently closed until at least the end of August 2019 due to construction)


ANA doesn’t have its own lounge facility at Sydney airport – instead guests are directed to the Air New Zealand international lounge.

Keep in mind that as a business class passenger of ANA or a Star Alliance Gold member, you are also entitled to use the Singapore Airlines lounge at Sydney airport.

You can read our comparison of the two lounges, as well as our individual reviews of both the Air New Zealand lounge and the Singapore Airlines lounge.


As operator of the world’s largest fleet of Boeing 787s, ANA unsurprisingly flies a 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft on the NH880 route.

For those that have meetings in Tokyo and want to minimise time away from work, NH880s schedule is fantastic – it’s easy to leave the office, head to the lounge to unwind or do some more work for an hour or two, and then sleep in the air on your way to an early morning start in Tokyo. It’s also helpful that you don’t have to make the trek from Narita to the CBD, as NH880 flies direct to Haneda airport.

NH880 operates daily, and the daily return leg is completed on NH879, which leaves Tokyo around 10:30PM and deposits you in back Sydney at around 9AM.

Amenity kits are provided to passengers, however pyjamas are not.


ANA’s 787-9 Dreamliner has 215 seats split between business class, premium economy and economy cabins. 

The 48 business class seats are arranged in a staggered 1-2-1 layout so that each passenger enjoys privacy as well as direct aisle access, with all business class seats converting into a fully-flat bed. 

Our pick of the bunch if travelling solo is one of the single seats by the windows, preferably the seats directly adjacent to the window for an extra bit of privacy and easier access to your drinks and personal items. That’s any row from 1 to 6 with either A or K as the designated seat letter, as the latter rows are closer to the bathrooms.

The seat itself is spacious, with an ottoman directly in front of you if you want to stretch your legs out.

There’s also storage space underneath this ottoman for a small bag.

In the departure seating position there's plenty of seat pitch and width. 

The side shelf is ample, and great for keeping drinks out of the way or any work items you may need on hand.

The large main table easily slides in and out, but isn’t height adjustable. It's still very sturdy if you need to use it as a workspace though. 

The wall of the side shelf houses the entertainment system controller, a USB port, and a power point, as well as a headphone socket. ANA provides noise-cancelling headphones, or you can bring your own.

Seat controls are also on-hand to adjust the pitch and recline of your seat to suit your preferred position.

When it’s time to get some shut-eye, the seat extends into a fully-flat bed, with a bed pad, comforter and pillow provided. 

Unlike some business class products we’ve experience in the past, the footwell isn’t so narrow that you feel cramped when you’re fully outstretched. ANA also provides a mattress topper, similar to quite a few other quality airlines, which smoothes out bumps in the seat. As a side-sleeper, I was able to get comfortable and adjust positions quite easily, resulting in around 5 hours of continuous sleep.

The lights in the cabin are only turned on about an hour before landing, so that you can maximise your sleeping time.

There’s also a ‘do not disturb’ button that you can activate, if you prefer not to be woken up for meal or beverage services.


Meals on-board NH880 were fresh and tasty – our only gripe was that there were no pre-departure drinks offered, which would have been a great touch. Food service starts off with a cloth towel and is delivered efficiently within two hours of take off, allowing plenty of time to sleep. 

Meal service starts off with drinks and this is where ANA not only offers the standard range of a Champagne, two whites, and two reds, but also a wine from their "Premium selection." Tonight's wine is the Yealands Estate Land Made Pinot Gris 2016, which I opt for.

ANA recently revamped their advance meal selection choices, allowing all business class passengers to choose from a wider range of options before their flight (previously this was just a small selection available to ANA Mileage Club members).

The Japanese main meal offered for pre-selection is ‘grilled butterfish with miso paste and steamed rice’, while the Western offering is ‘grilled chicken with curry and caper sauce, and saffron rice’.

Opting for the Japanese selection, the grilled butterfish was served with a selection of small Japanese dishes, or Zenshai. This included an Okinawan spinach and yuba bean curd with a soy-based sauce, a sea bream and burdock root roll with prawn and celery on a skewer, simmered scarlet runner beans in syrup and a Japanese savory omelette with dried nori seaweed flakes.

Traditional saké is also offered on-board, as well as a range of wine, spirits and beers. I opt for the Tenzan Junmai Gingo sake to accompany my meal.

To finish off, I asked the crew for the dessert from the "International cuisine" menu, one made by Parisian company Pierre Hermé  consisting of coconuts dacquoise, coconut cream, pineapple and seasoned with fresh lime.

If you get peckish during the flight, snacks and light meals are available on-demand, including sandwiches, takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls), cheese plates, desserts and nibbles.

ANA serves two premium whiskies in business class, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Suntory Hibiki, which the crew were happy to pour for an impromptu tasting. 

I tried a cheese plate...

...and a sandwich in the morning, an hour before landing. No formal meal service is offered in the morning, however you can order the sandwich set, fruits, various juices and snacks and make your own meal. I preferred this to the cabin being woken up two hours before landing to serve a full meal. 

Entertainment & Service

Service on the flight is attentive and thoughtful, and we couldn’t fault the flight attendants – there’s a fine line between being too attentive and not attentive enough, and they seemed to do a great job balancing that for each passenger’s preferences.

Entertainment-wise, business class passengers on ANA’s NH880 flight get an 18-inch screen, with a limited selection of entertainment – on my flight, this included around 25 new release Hollywood films, and around 50 films in total. There’s also a selection of television and music available. 

I watched the recently released Bad Times at the El Royale before turning in for the night, but there’s plenty of other good options available if you’re not interested in sleeping.

If you need to burn the midnight oil and get some work done or check emails, ANA also offers an in-flight Internet service priced at USD$6.95 for 30 minutes, $16.95 for 3 hours or $21.95 for a 24-hour pass.


ANA’s NH880 flight is a great option when heading to Tokyo or beyond, and the arrival into Haneda makes it especially good for business travellers that have meetings during the day.

The seats, meals, service and quality of amenities offered are all of a high standard, and make for a restful and refreshing trip to Japan from Sydney.

The writer travelled as a guest of ANA.


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