BA opens new first class Concorde Bar, lounge at Dubai

By David Flynn, February 25 2016
BA opens new first class Concorde Bar, lounge at Dubai

British Airways has opened its all-new lounge and first class Concorde Bar at Dubai Airport's new Concourse D.

It's only the second Concorde Bar in BA's international lounge network after the first opened in Singapore – but it won't be the last, as the airline parlays the Concorde Room brand of its elite lounge at London's Heathrow airport to a series of VIP nooks attached to business class lounges.

Like its flagship parent, access to a Concorde Bar is restricted to British Airways' first class passengers and top-tier Executive Club frequent flyers holding a Concorde Room Card or the invitation-only black Premier card.

Those high flyers will be served top-shelf drinks and moreish snacks by dedicated staff in a 'private members club' atmosphere which stands apart from the design of the main lounge beyond.

Like its Singapore sibling Dubai's Concorde Bar is divided into different zones – this time using architectural elements such as illuminated glass screens – with furniture to suit, ranging from high-backed leather winged chairs to sofas, surrounded by with European oak flooring and black Nero marble.

There's also a copious number of AC and USB power sockets within reach.

"It's taking some of the Concorde Room concept from Heathrow and making it more useful for the overseas market for first class customers who appreciate being given an area in which to go and sit quietly and not necessarily be in the larger lounge," BA's Head of Asia Pacific Sales Rob Williams told Australian Business Traveller at the opening of the first Concorde Bar in Singapore.

However, don't expect all of BA's overseas lounges to suddenly sprout this haven for the well-heeled.

"We're looking to do this for some (lounges)... but it has to be appropriate to the place we’re flying from, because the proposition is different in different lounges and in different parts of the world," Williams said.

Photos: British Airways' new Singapore Airport lounge, Concorde Bar

BA is among the 70-plus airlines to move to Dubai's Concourse D , along with Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa, with hometown colossus Emirates taking over Concourse C.

Dubai Airport's new Concourse D
Dubai Airport's new Concourse D

The new concourse, which connects to Terminal 1 via an elevated rail link, will see some 18 million passengers per year and cost an estimated US$900 million (A$1.26 billion) according to Dubai Airports.

Dubai Airport's new Concourse D
Dubai Airport's new Concourse D

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Jul 2011

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Web reports say nine lounges in Concourse D - "The lounges include five airline lounges, a new Al Majlis lounge, two Dubai International Hotel lounges and a marhaba lounge"

Who are the five ?

07 Aug 2012

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Lufthansa, Qatar, BA, Gulf Air & SkyTeam will each have a lounge

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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It all looks very gracious,except for one element in pictures 5 & 6.

In a lounge which is deliberately aimed at their highest revenue patrons, I am somewhat surprised by the lack of privacy afforded by the gross bench-style 'bus station' continuous row seating across from individual tables and chairs. Perhaps some 'privacy dividers to deliniate group space would be more appropriate?

Compared to the old LHR Concorde Room with it's clubby cigar room, the Dubai offering looks a little more 'niteclub-ish'. Fine, modern design I don't have a problem with .. but bench seating? Nah, not for me. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Mar 2014

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its hard finding lounges without them really...all the latest lounges do, SIN, PER Business,

its only an option, there are other seating options too

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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I agree with you, jrfsp and admit that this style of seating is commonplace in most Business lounges these days.

However, this is BA's First Class Lounge we are talking about. An area which is aimed at their highest level of revenue passenger and it's most profitable. Due to its nature, admittance is certainly restricted to ensure particular standards and to maintain a high level of 'club' feel and a defined level of 'exclusivity' which is above the standard Business lounge.

My point is that this form of decor doesn't match the image that is meant to appeal to the patrons that subscribe to it. Its like dining at a 3 star Michellin restaurant and being offered Aeroplane Jelly as a desert course. As suggested, a quick 'fix' with some privacy dividers could suffice but the original design doesn't cut the mustard, IMHO.

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