Breitling Premier collection redefines the brand's signature style

By Jason Swire, November 9 2018
Breitling Premier collection redefines the brand's signature style

Breitling is a brand readily associated with large hyper-masculine aviation watches demanding a thick wrist to be strapped to, but that's slowly changing. Earlier this year we saw a measured revamp of the Navitimer collection, and this has been followed by the smart new Premier collection.

The Premier name was last used by Breitling in the 1940’s and marked some of the most elegant timepieces produced of their day.

It's fitting that the Premier brand has been reprised for a modern collection that pays homage to the classic design codes of the former models, resulting in perhaps Breitling’s most versatile and wearable watches to date.

Five new watches are available in the Premier collection, including the B01 Chronograph 42 which features an in-house manufactured movement and two-register dial; the Premier Chronograph 42 with a three-register dial; the Premier Automatic 40, with a small-seconds sub dial; and the Premier Automatic Day & Date 40 (below).

Easily the boldest of the new watches is the Premier B01 Chronograph 42 for Bentley in British Racing Green.

This one celebrates Breitling’s long-standing partnership with Bentley Motors and should appeal to fans and owners of British race cars in particular.

The watches are available in an array of dial colours including white, black, blue, silver and anthracite, and a variety of straps to suit most tastes with options for alligator leather, nubuck leather and steel bracelets.

Of the new models, I personally love the white-dial B01 Chronograph 42, which sports a classic “panda” dial chronograph...

 ... and the Premier Automatic 40 with Anthracite dial on steel bracelet.

Both are eminently wearable as everyday watches with just a touch of Breitling’s iconic masculinity to define them from the masses.

I have no doubt that this new collection will be a winner for Breitling and will see them better positioned to capture more market share, in particular with the 40mm Premier Day & Date and Automatic models which will suit most wrists better than the brand’s traditional larger offerings.

Jason Swire

Jason Swire is a Sydney-based writer, watch collector and author of 'Timely Advice', a beginner's guide to fine timepieces. His non-watch passions include hi-fi and whiskey, in that order.

29 Aug 2017

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Shame there are no prices....

Singapore Airlines - The PPS Club

20 Apr 2015

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I tried these on at the Boutique recently. I like the more restrained approach by Breitling and really wanted to like these - but alas I could not. The thickness of the B01 movement means the chrono is a touch under 14mm thick. Slightly too big for me. Another issue - the lugs were extremely sharp and could cut a steak.

25 Jan 2013

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why would you buy a mechanical watch when Breitling have great quartz watches ,very accurate and practicable .

I have two of them

True but there is something about mechanical/automatic watches, their a work of art and engineering. It's like someone saying why write with a fountain pen when a $1.50 does the same thing, but no it doesn't, give me a beautiful fountain pen eg a Montblanc, Pelikan, Visconti etc over any ballpoint, because a fountain pen is just so much smoother and nicer to write with

13 Sep 2016

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Love the Bentley chrono in British Racing Green, it's a real eye-catcher!

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