Flying BA's new Club Suites business class between London and Madrid

If you're darting between London and Madrid this month, why not sample BA's latest Club Suites business class?

By David Flynn, August 5 2019

British Airways is now flying its new Airbus A350 – and the all-new Club Suites business class – between London and Madrid, with near-daily and sometimes double-daily flights affording savvy travellers a chance to sample these primo private suites.

After all, if you've got plans to make that 2½ dash between the British and Spanish capitals, why not select a flight with will see you enjoying the superb Club Suites instead of the conventional 'Euro business class'?

British Airways' Airbus A350 Club Suites now feature on selected flights between London and Madrid

BA's London-Madrid Airbus A350 schedule is intended to help its crews become familiar with the advanced jetliner before it's rostered onto proper international routes such as Dubai (from September 2 2019, as BA106/BA107) and Toronto (from October 1 2019, as BA92/BA93).

So, should a London-Madrid trip be on your schedule, here are the BA flights where you can expect to be on the Airbus A350.

On most days in August, British Airways will be the A350 from London to Madrid as BA464, departing London/Heathrow at 4.45pm to reach Madrid at 8.05pm; the A350's return leg is BA465, which leaves Madrid at 9.20pm for a London landing at 10.25pm.

Note that BA's current schedule doesn't show the A350 as BA464/BA465 on August 13, 23, 24 or 31.

On some days in August the A350 will also do the cross-Chanel hop as BA456 (leaving London at 6.20am) and BA457 (leaving Madrid at 10.55am), however those specific dates have yet to be confirmed by British Airways.

As is always the case with these familiarisation flights, there's no iron-clad guarantee that the Airbus A350 won't be swapped back to a more humble Airbus A321-series jet which usually plies the London-Madrid route.

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