Qantas International Fleet Utilisation 2022

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Just wanted to open a more up-to-date discussion regarding the Qantas international fleet.

Routes like SYD-SFO have been pushed back, and others like BNE/MEL-SFO or BNE-ORD just outright 'cancelled'. Flights between BNE-LAX are also being flown on A330's... which I'm sure as many are aware, is a whole can of worms in itself; particularly regarding the crew rest.

I understand that Qantas is still in the process of bringing in A380's back into the fleet. I also understand that 3 787's are yet to be delivered, but it still makes me wonder, how will they uphold their international network in the future?

Since we've emerged from covid, Qantas has introduced/announced new routes (such as AKL-JFK, or PER-FCO) + converted some (such as SYD-YVR) from seasonal to year round. Up until March 2020, some QF 747's were still flying intl routes that had still yet to be replaced by 787's (namely SCL)

Even with 10 A380's + 14 787's, how is Qantas planning on operating it's pre-covid intl network + all these new routes?

Is it safe to speculate that MEL/BNE to SFo (for eg) just might not return? Will the A330's continue to play a role in Qantas' long-haul network?

I know A350's are due into the fleet in a few years... but are they not coming to launch even more new routes through Project sunrise? (regardless... it's still 3+ years away..)

This is not me "bashing" Qantas by the way. I'm honestly a curious (and bored) individual with too much time on my hands to think about these things, and I wanted to know if there's information I'm missing/unaware of.

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