Qantas rudeness.

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wilsoni Banned

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Qantas rudeness. Yesterday I had a call with QF res that was an exemplar of how to be unhelpful and at times rude. All over something that was their fault in the first place. I'm QF gold but still got treated like s--t. Has anyone else found this lately? Is this the new Qantas paradigm - treat customers poorly and you won't have any, thus a more efficient airline? Yes Minister.


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I have never in my experience found them to be rude. I guess with so many customer interactions per day it is reasonable to expect one employee is going to not tow the company line. 


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Can't say I've experienced that... I only ever get helpful staff whether on the phone or in person.


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I fully understand what you mean. I have had both good and bad experiences with QF call centre. Sometimes you get a total bag and sometimes you get a decent person who thinks the customer is always right. just depends

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I guess inconsistency is the major problem with Qantas.  It's a management issue, as Qantas do not seem to treasure their people as much as others do, e.g. Cathay.  You can blame the unions but ultimately it is their reaction to how the company treat them.  When Cathay almost collapsed but still kept all the people in 2003 as SARS hit, Qantas was firing people here in Australia.  People are the best assets of a company, they don't seem to understand.


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Just phoned QF to change a J booking to Fra from the 1/5 to the 8/5 and found them great. No service fee just the EUR change fee could not have been more friendly or helpful. Maybe platinum helps but have never had a bad experience..


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Qantas Customer Service is Appaling!

I had an issue with some tickets, which after i booked were non exsistent. I rang the call center, and was told pay again, because you did only pay economy. Pathetic!

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