10 hours overnight on Qantas J, but first stop is McDonalds - why is this so.

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I may not be doubleplatinum but i am platinum and i can tell you they just need to provide what they once offered.As for your quote of the stantard shows you are not only miss guided but not informed about  the product.Try fly SQ and see what you get.


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Dear god, another rant about 'how much food should I be able eat on a 9 hour flight'...  I love the reference point that Malaysian serves the most food in air - just a shame you can't be 100% sure where the plane will eventually land... But ah well, as long as you have a full dinner, snacks and then a full breakfast then this more than compensates.  Those that want to eat a full meal on Qantas Business - you can pre-order your meal with Q-Eat:  http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/select-inflight-meal/global/en

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I flew SQ a week ago buddy


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I recall on evening flights from Singapore to Australia SQ has an extensive menu in Business Class. You have the option to eat at any time and if you've had your meal at the beginning of the flight, the crew can offer you whatever's left if you want to eat before landing. So I rather agree with Robert.


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paa you are spot on no question whatsoever . QF aims to disappoint and with success .


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It's amazing how these 'enhancements' usually = a reduction in service.

I am based in London and have been putting up with 'in response to customer requests' enhancements for years.

An example of ths are the overnight flights from the east coast of the US (boston/NYC/Philly) back to London. 

These are designated 'Sleeper services' and the idea is you eat in the lounge pre boarding.  On board 'dinner' consists of a choice of two options - a salad or a hot dish usually pasta.  Both served with a side salad.  'Breakfast' is a disgrace.  A small tray with a plastic punnet of fruit and some pastries.  And this is in J.

Admittedly, the uptake on food seems very little on these flights I have taken.  The flights are usually <6 hours and most people just sleep the whole way.  However I think when you pay J class fares it should be your perogative how you want to spend your time onboard and if you want a full meal it should be available.

What I find most annoying though is that this sub standard catering also applies to the longer north american services such as Vancouver/Houston/Dallas to London which like the OP's flight are in the region of ten hours.  Although the dinner is a little more substantial the breakfast is the same disgrace with BA's line being that the small offering is 'to maximise your sleep' and you should use the arrivals lounge if you want a full breakfast.  It's these 'bands' that frustrate me.  A six hour flight is ok for such an offering.  A ten hour flight is not.  Yet a ten and a half hour flight and you get a 'proper' breakfast.


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The thing is, why should you be expected to waste time having a meal in an Arrivals lounge, when you could do it in the air when you have time to spare? Different if you want to/can sleep through the flight I suppose.



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For a second I thought this post was about QF serving McDonalds food in J class on flights.... I am a fan of the brekky McMuffin. Perhaps an option for QF to serve these instead of cafe breakfast on QF flights. Fingers crossed.... Lol. 

Hi Guest, join in the discussion on 10 hours overnight on Qantas J, but first stop is McDonalds - why is this so.

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