Which websites to search for Business Class airfare specials?

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Just a question, what sites are you guys using to have a look at Business Class airfare specials? Anything similar to the old bestflights.com.au used to have a great layout to scan through specials.



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I generally use kayak as it displays most/all airways operating between your origin and destination and it's quite easy to identify specials. 


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How I miss bestflights.com.au. I refuse to book anything through Helloworld. After the takeover they stated they would have something similar and nothing. I have emaild them several times and no reply.I now just keep an eye on the websites of the airlines i fly, although its not easy to keep us with all the deals. United is a good example. Just browsing at dates for Aug 15 a few weeks back and came up with a $4896 business fare on the dreamliner. it was only valid for a short time and no mention on the website just a random special. Of course now its over 7K. Best flights would update fares daily and keep you in the loop.

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Us the following search tool then get Flight Centre to book it for you. Their credit card fee is very reasonable. 




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I agree TRB. There's an app too by ITA called OnTheFly. I use this to find the flights I want then email to my flightcenter chap who sorts it. 

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