Qantas upgrades for Bronze frequent flyers

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Morning all. Just a quick question for all you oracles out there. I have booked a flight to lax. I have requested a upgrade from economy to business using points. I am a QC Member but only have bronze status. Should I be getting my hopes up or will that just lead to disappointment come departure time?


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Always expect to fly in the cabin you booked in. Especially on that route. 


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There are too many people ahead of you in the upgrade request list (Chairman's Lounge, Platinum One, Platinum, Gold, staff, friends of gate agents etc) and you're on a very popular flight... so it's Y for you unless you pay. 


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Take it from me Staff, friends or gate agents will NEVER receive an upgrade before QFFF Members. I am an Engineer with the company and I pay my own Full Fare Business. Not discounted Staff travel.


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Suggest you also tick the box to put in an upgrade request for Premium Economy. Even if the Business upgrade doesn't come through (as noted above your chances are low), the Premium Economy upgrade might.


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Really depends what day of the week and time of the year, Monday-Wednesday you may have an OK chance but if its later in the week or a weekend you may struggle.


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International upgrades on QF are a bit of a rort in my be eligible you're required to buy a ticket that's upwards of $500 dearer & a lot of the time (particularly for Bronze members) you will be sitting in economy....i'd be very unhappy with knowing I had paid $500+ more to sit in the same seat! My advice is to save the points & look for a redemption flight, that way you know you'll be sitting in the pointy end.


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I get what you mean, but I always try not to tell myself that if I pay for Flex economy it automatically means I will fly Business on upgrades.

If for whatever reason work pays for Flex economy, I tell myself that is what I am flying, any upgrade in that lottery is just luck.

I would never pay for Flex economy for personal travel on Qantas in the hopes of being upgraded. Just way too risky.


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Upgrades are luck of the draw, I have only ever once snagged an upgrade on points to business on an international flight (I was bronze at the time) and have missed out more than I care to remember.

I wouldn't want to waste my points on PE, I'd rather save enough points for an award flight to make sure I get what I want, otherwise I pay for my business seats.

It is frustrating when you pay for a higher priced economy ticket and still miss out.

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