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Protectionist Hogwash.

Has anyone read this article? http://www.theage.com.au/business/the-economy/australias-opendoor-policy-hurts-domestic-tourism-qantas-20150128-12zyyl.html

"...The Australian government has a policy of deregulating and internationalising the aviation sector, but Qantas said the policy settings for doing so needed to be aligned in the national interest."

It is in the national interest for domestic tourism to improve its value proposition (and sometimes that means lowering prices!) and not scream bloody murder when faced with competition! What an archaic and parochial mindset!

What is this, Communist Russia? Let's all take the train down and holiday in the Crimea this summer shall we?


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But screaming bloody murder is the standard response from flag carriers!


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The government could shoot back to Mr Joyce, that competition, both international and domestic, has forced his airline to make some long overdue structural and service standard changes.

The lower dollar will improve the domestic tourism market better than any other measure could anyways.


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Couldn't agree more. Qantas simply does not represent value. I've said on this forum before, if I were a company wide travel decision maker, I would blacklist Qantas because it's unnecessary fat. The whole mentality of blaming circumstance is the very reason Qantas have failed to act and ended up in a mess.

They're our flag carrier and the second oldest airline in the world. They have the greatest safety record and are a true international icon yet there's no shortage of resentment.

I could write a thesis on the factors that give people a sense of entitlement /ownership in airlines. I'm tipping the perceived lack of value would most definitely be in the mix. 


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Unfortunate we live in Australia where the wages and conditions are the highest in the world. good for us but this reflects in the price we must pay for services goods etc,Australia is in a world economy now and unless your a multi National Business will find it hard to compete.most small and medium  businesses cannot afford to cut prices and pay Australian taxes and wages and compete against Asian wages and conditions



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I personally fail to see how deregulating and internationalizing working in the nation interest. IMHO they destroying aviation in Australia – once upon time we where on the top while now somewhere close to bottom. We as small nation with high standards of living simply cannot compete against someone like China and we must protect our future and future of our kids. It is nothing to do to Communism and BTW Russia is no communist state for more then 2 decade. Biggest anticommunist country namely USA protect their internal market very well feeding idiots like us that global trading is panacea of everything. Actually it is our mortal poison and sooner we recognize it better chances remains great country.

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