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Is this a good deal? I received an email from Qantas offering me a 12 month QF club membership plus 40000 points for joining. $895 for the lot. Not being overly familiar with QFF workings I am unsure if it is a good deal or not.


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It depends I've seen it for about 45% off (no joining fee) but this gives you QFF points instead of a discount



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Depends if you were planning on travelling this year and how much and where to. IMO that's not a bad deal. During november I flew SYD - PER in business on Qantas for 40000 points. I just had a look and that flight is currently $1930. so really, this deal could be worth up to $2900 (being 1930 + 895). Or if you have any upcoming international flights, obviously upgrades aren't guaranteed, but I used 25000 points to upgrade from PE to business on a Qantas flight from SIN to SYD and I'd say using points for international upgrades is one of the best ways to use points. 

But, as your travel days per year is set to zero it's difficult to gauge whether you would benefit from having a QC membership.


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Depends on whether or not you have a lot of points or fly a lot in economy then it's cheap but if you always fly j then don't do it as you get loung access anyway


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Thanks guys, I think I'll take the plunge. Should bump me up to 100k qff points and club membership as well.


appreciate the feedback!

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