We holiday in the USA each year from Oz, and then go to UK on a RTW ticket.

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We holiday in the USA each year from Oz, and then go to UK on a RTW ticket. Most times we end up having sparing US$ and spare GBP. My question for Aus Bus Travellers: to get the best exchange rate, is it better to cash up foreign currency in the Country from which it comes; or better to wait 'til one gets home to Oz; or maybe it doesn't make any difference? Any thoughts on this?



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This may not be the best way to do it, but I usually don't get foreign currency at all. I just withdraw some cash at the airport as soon as I land overseas. That way you don't pay any forex commissions to bank/travel agents. Yes, you do get stung with a bank charge for getting cash out overseas, but I found that this charge is often less than getting cash out in Australia. For example, I bank with Westpac, if I get cash out at a non-westpac ATM in australia, it's either $2.50 or $3.00. I got cash out at Johannesburg airport and was only charged $1.00. On a recent trip to Asia, I got cash in Manila, Hong Kong and Singapore, each time I was only charged between $1-$2. 

That way you don't pay any commissions and you are not stuck with excess foreign currency when you return to Oz.

Enjoy your trip! 

Richard Brown

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Hopefully you can keep any xs cash to a minimum through paying for items with a debit card or withdrawing cash from an ATM machine when needed. If you have small amounts of cash left at the end of each trip, it probably will not make a huge amount of difference whether you exchange it back overseas or in Oz. If you want to take cash with you in advance, then some companies will give you a buy back guarantee with no commission, should you not spend all of it, though you will probably still be at the mercy of exchange rate fluctuations


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For common currencies in countries I will visit again (eg. EUR, GBP, USD, HKD, etc) I never cash in leftover the currency. Just keep it for the next trip. I also never carry significant cash, rely on cards, and always get cash from the ATM on arrival in the airport - similar to Loinel above. I find this simplest, and dont find worrying about the best deal worth the trouble.


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I agree with the above comments - I really feel it isn't worth the time & money to catch a currency 'deal'. I also have never cashed in currencies & always simply reuse my pounds, Euro & US dollars. 

Don't forget if, like Lionel above & myself, you bank with Westpac that ATM withdrawals are free from banks (like Westpac) that are also members of the Global ATM Alliance - think OneWorld for ATMs! Bank Of America in the US, Barclays in the UK, BNP Paribas/BNL in France, Deutsche Bank in Germany/Spain/Poland et al. As a Westpac customer, withdrawals from these banks, ATMs whilst overseas are fee-free.


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If it's a yearly thing, maybe just hold onto the cash until you go again? Unless I'm missing something...

I have a wallet at home with SGD, USD, GBP, EUR, THB, NZD, CNY, IDR even some random MXN. Before I travel somewhere I just raid it like a Jason Bourne drawer. It's great to have a few notes and coins to get me out of the airport. Then like the others, I just withdraw at ATMs or use a cash card like QF cash.


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Hi, I suggest you open a Citibank Plus Savings account. You leave the cash in AUD & you can move it to/from the account without any fees. When overseas you can use ATMs to withdraw local currency as needed without an ATM fee (unless the ATM you use charges a fee). There is no foreign currency conversion fee, nor cash advance as it is taking from your savings account. The rate is also very good (near mid market when I was in Europe). There are no account keeping fees either. A great account to have. Also I'd suggest the 28 Degrees CC for purchases/hotels. I have both, they cost me nothing & I'm never stuck with left over cash

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