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Rule of two. Thought people might like to know that Reuters have reported that Australia has imposed the rule of two in the cockpit for all Australian domestic and international flights with immediate effect.


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Indeed. It's quite a big news item.

Thoughts on it, TRB?


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Having just read a letter to the editor of our local rag in Perth from a former pilot, I would agree with his comment that even with two in the cockpit, if one of them just rolled the plane over and pointed it down, there would be little that the other person in the cockpit could do...

And as a number of armchair experts such as myself have noted, putting someone from aircrew in the cockpit just places more of the workload on the rest, in particular if they do as they do in the US where I've read they park the F&B trolley across the aisle to stop any potential problem. This obviously would cause further disruption to passenger service. Who would they put in there, the senior attendant?, which would leave the rest unsupervised, or the junior attendant, which would seem just a token gesture.

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