What does Qantas exactly offer to Emirates?

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What does Qantas exactly offer to Emirates?

Sorry for asking too many, this will be the third and last.

So what does Qantas have to offer to Emirates except the PER-ADL customers and the network. And since Emirates flies to every major city in Australia, what are they missing from Qantas.


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I could be completely off base here, but I thought by offering the Code Share deal they effectively get to harness the Qantas 'National Carrier' status and thus pay lower taxes for arrivals into the country.


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Are you kidding with this question? Emirates get untapped access to Australia with their Qantas alliance. Emirates can't serve every city or town in Australia and as such rely on Qantas to carry passengers onwards. Access to New Zealand cities not served by Emirates are also a benefit to the alliance i.e. Queenstown and Wellington, plus domestic and trans tasman services operated by Jetstar.

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Um how about the ability to connect to every single regional or non capital in australia through Qantas domestic network?


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It also means that many Australians will now fly EK from DXB onto European cities, so they're getting plenty more business from Australians on those routes, not solely just between DXB and Australia


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Qantas used to fly to Singapore then onwards to London with BA connecting into Europe. Now EK get many, many Australians who would never have thought of flying EK connecting though Dubai and then onwards on EK flights though to Europe.


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Offloading qantas customers at DXB onto their other routes and utilising  spare capacity to London, Emirates win twice. Emirates 5 slots to/from LHR already use an A380 and are at capacity so the additional two slots are significant.


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Works the orher way too. EK feeds into Australia offering a convenient one stop jump for many Europeans. They then get channelled onto the QF domestic network. This sustains the amazing amount of capacity out of Perth on EK. Tourists fly into Syd/Melb and outta Perth and vv. QF is picking up a lot of traffic in DX that is non-UK sourced. 

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