Jetstar Boeing 787s

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JQ B787.

Has Jetstar received all its allocated B787? Was just wondering if this might be one of the reasons why QF is taking a long time to upgrade it A330's. Are all of JQ A330 that are being returned back to QF being refurbished?

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Jetstar have recieved 8 of the 11 they ordered. All A332 going back to QF will be referbished. I believe they are doing a A332 being handed over to QF for a 788 being handed to JQ.


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Morning Martin,

No JQ still have 3 airframes on order (VKJ, VKK & VKL) VKJ is penciled in for delivery on April 30th. All remaining JQ longhaul international routes are due to have 787's operating on these sectors by September.

JQ also have 3 A332's (EBE,EBF & EBK)

Remember that the A330 cabin refurbishments won't be finished until late next year. 


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ADD to the refurb time of approx 4 weeks per aircraft)...ALL the A333s are being repainted (+2weeks)..ALL the A333s are having heavy maintainence (+approx 4weeks)..the remaining A332s coming from JQ need to be repainted (+2weeks).. +any other maintainence that may be required during the A332 refits.

At any one time there are 2 (maybe 3) A330s offline between approx 4weeks and 10weeks,depending on which aircraft is being worked on...They can't take more than 2-3 aircraft offline at any one time without it affecting the schedules the A330s fly. So refitting 28 A330s (maybe 30..if rumours are true) in 24months is really as fast as scheduling will allow


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Rumour ? Would that be about not returning 2 leased A330s?

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correct...but I haven't heard any recent murmurs about this rumour. Suppose time will tell either way

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