LAN or Emirates to Auckland?

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LAN or EK to Auckland?

Hi, I was wondering now that LAN will soon put it's 787 between Sydney-Auckland, is Emirates' product better than LAN or a bit behind?

Really appreciate all your help, thank you.


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Depends what class you are referring to. If Business class, i would say the EK A380 service with direct aisle access and stand-up bar would continue to be best choice, best value for money, and best experience. 

If the question / or flight selection was relating around schedules, EK departure SYD-AKL is hard to connect to from incoming regional flights. On the return AKL-SYD, LAN have got better flight timing to connect onto international or domestic connections, as the EK flight AKL-SYD arrives too late to connect to regional domestic services and majority of any other connections except continuing on to Dubai.


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Thank you very much Charlie!


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LAN has the edge on pricing - around $780 return Sydney-Auckland - and while the flight is 'only' 4 hours, you still may prefer Emirates' A380 business class if you like direct aisle access and plan to be hopping up and down a bit. I'd be happy to stay put in LAN's Boeing 787 seat, which looks fairly comfy. But as CharlieG mentions above, you can also enjoy a few drinks and social time at Emirates' A380 business class bar. Another factor in Emirates' favour is the timing of the flights: while they both leave Sydney in the morning, LAN's LA801 departs from Auckland at 6.15am (eeek!) compared to EK413 departing Auckland at 5.55pm.


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Much appreciated, thanks David!


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I personally would pick LAN having hardley flown international to/from sydney (It would give you the chance to try something else out)

It is for Business or for the fun of it?

Andrew Barkery

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Which FF program are you with, and do you want to earn the most SC if with QF?

I am with QF, recently flew LAN (LAN booking PNR), and I only got 10 SC flying across from AKL to SYD on the 340.  Chockers full.

I would have gotten more SC, but I needed to be in SYD earlier than the EK comes in, in the evening.

If you want to collect a lot of SC, or as much as QF allows, fly the EK plane, with a QF flight code.

I have flown the 787 for a short hop, SYD to MEL, haven't done the 380, but would use the 380 for sure across, both for the wideness of the plane, (more space), and to earn more QF SC.

If you have QF PS or higher status, I would also go EK with a QF flight code, if I were you.


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Thanks a lot Andrew!!


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QF does codeshare on LAN LA800 service. Make sure that if you choose LA or EK that the ticket is booked through QF and has the QF flight code. I would fly LA to AUK and EK Back and then judge :-)

Richard Brown

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LAN offers an interesting alternative, especially now the Boeing 787 is about to start on the route. That said, LAN does not fly daily and reliability has been an issue in the past. Hopefully the 787 will reduce the chance of this happening. LAN also appears about the only option where availability for BA Avios points can be found. I will probably stick with Emirates.


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LAN is now daily.


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I agree with Martin , LAN there and EK back,EK  lounge is better than QF with its food selection

If you want a bargain book LAN both ways and maybe stay at the Novotel at Auckland airport, its a two minute walk to the international terminal, Immigration opens i think at about 4am from memory but you might want to check that out first

The Dreamliner is great and very spacious, i travelled earlier this month ticketed by QF

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