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QF Points + Pay Option.

Hi All, I am looking to book flights to BKK & MUC with QF operated by EK. I was wanting to know, if i use the points+pay option will I still get points and SC? I will be flying Business.



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AFAIK points+pay like normal ticket, just some dollars substituted by points at very bad rate. IMHO worst possible point usage, though YMMV.


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I agree. It's an awful way to use points, right up there with the toasters.

Stuart Jackson

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Points plus pay is a direct conversion of the dollar value to points and works out very expensive in points (Qantas calls this a Any Seat Award) and you will earn Status and Points plus if a flight operated by a partner it will have a QF flight code (Good if your a QF Club or OW member) You could book any flught using this option and dates are not restricted but the no. of points needed varies.

If you are after the best use of points then look for a classic award where you use a fixed number but can only fly on days in which flights have been put of offer. Its often cheaper and better to book a classic award but you will end up on the codeshare flight no. and no status or points will be earned

Andrew Barkery

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If you want to earn the most QF SC, the only way, and yes, its not economical, but the best way to guarantee you earn the QF FF mileage and QF SC, is to go the Points + Pay way.

Apart from you getting FF mileage and SC at the J class, or F class, you also know you have gotten that seat, rather than the other ways, where you might not know if you have gotten the J or F seat for days.

I have in the past made the mistake of ticking that award box on the QF booking website, only to find out, as mentioned above that the rewards Points + Pay where you use majority points, do not earn FF mileage or SC.

You must Point + Pay less points, more $ to get the FF mileage and SC.


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So Andrew, what is the line where you do earn points and SC's? And how do you tell when you are making the booking?

Is there a certain % of dollars/points you need to achieve before the points kick in?

Andrew Barkery

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If you tick that box, you don't earn anything, ... 

OK, I needed to get ADL to MEL, then SYD to ADL, have got 30,000 QF FF points, plus a bit of $ in my bank account.

I know if I did not tick that box on the 2 occasions, I could have paid, say $85 for ADL - MEL, $139 SYD - ADL.

I didn't want to use a lot of cash, so I ticked that box called classic award, is it on here called MASA?  Not sure.

So, I spent 20,000 (8,000 and 12,000) and paid about $100 in taxes, and on my itineary, it marked as an award, so no FF or SC earnt.

If on the other hand, I didn't tick the box, I could have reduced the $85 to maybe $50, by using 8,000, and $139 to $89 by using 20,000 points, and earnt FF and SC on these flights.

If I had used max cash and min points, I think I would have gotten O class.  I haven't got my QF FF account open right now, but I think as it is now, I could be on X reward.  I will come back and put the class down in my next reply.

Andrew Barkery

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Yep, its X which I believe is a reward economy seat, earning no FF mileage and no SC either.

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