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Advertisement in AUSBt. I have no problem with them, but on some screens there are two windows with ads and it looks incredibly silly when the same add showed in both windows and especially so when one windows immediately below other one and add is "moving" one. Is something can be done about this?


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Technically, yes - but it comes down to the amount of 'creative' supplied for each campaign, the number of campaigns running at the same time and the number of 'impressions' being served. The more creative an advertiser supplies, the more campaigns we have running at the same time and the fewer impressions booked, the more scope there is to avoid an ad being repeated. But all three of those factors are out of our control. What's within our control is the ability to avoid ad duplication where possible, and this is something I'll flag with our developer.

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I think, and allow me to say this, that having ads on here, is the converse of having to pay an annual fee for no ads.

Its the thing that sets AusBT apart from say, AFF, where you can pay and have no ads.

Apart from AusBT and AFF, we also have Flyertalk, but that one is more US based and also more every other overseas airline and reward questions on it.

I will take it all in my stride.  


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There are really still people who don't have Adblock installed? Seriously, it takes about 90 seconds and improves your internet experience by three hundred percent.


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And don't we love that people are not happy to not only read AusBT for free, they are willing to deny the ad impressions which go towards paying for AusBT and keeping it free in the first place. :P


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Charge everybody 1c per view to offset the AdBlock crowd and call it a 'Hugo Tax'?


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Learning to gloss over the ads and have it not affect you is an excercise of self-awareness and self-control. The more you know how advertisers impact you the better you are to control your decision making tendencies and harness the twin pillars of "want" and "need".

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