Just a baggage question if I may.

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Just a baggage question if I may. I will be flying from YVR to LAX and then in to SYD with QF in J, all on the one QF ticket. I am also SG. Confused as to what my baggage limits are particularly for the first leg which is on AA?


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When you check your baggage, specifically tell the agent that you are in J-class for the onward flight. Otherwise the baggage limits for first flight will be at standard allowances.

Note this only works if your onward QF flight is on the same ticket, or bookings are 'linked'.


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Given its all on one ticket, MSC (Most Significant Carrier) rules apply. That means the baggage allowance for your YVR/LAX sector operated by AA will be the same as the baggage allowance for your LAX/SYD sector on QF. Your business class allowance (and any additional allowance for Silver status, if applicable) will apply.

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