Qantas business class lounge access with connecting economy flight?

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I am travelling in Business Class on Qantas from Adelaide to Sydney and have a connecting economy flight from Sydney to LA. Am I allowed to use the Business Lounge in Sydney?

Sorry if it's a silly question, thanks.


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Do you hold any status with Qantas or have Qantas Club membership?


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No you can't unless you hold any status with Qantas, have QC or status from another OW airline as Martin has mentioned above.


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There are rules in place around lounge access when one leg is in Economy and the other in Business/First. The rule follows that access to the lounge prior to the shorter/domestic sector flight in Economy is available  when the longer/international sector has been/will be flown in Business/First.

In your case however, the longer/international sector is in Economy, which means that the provisions do not apply i.e. you cannot use the lounge in SYD prior to the LAX flight.


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Correct - the class of travel for the long haul international flight (over 5 hours) is the deciding factor.

If the OP were travelling Y ADL-SYD then J SYD-LAX, they would have lounge access at both ADL & SYD.

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Lounge Entry is based on the next onward flight. However you can ask......if the lounge is not full, you never know your luck unless you try

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