Qantas 767 / 747 Refurbishment.

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Qantas 767 / 747 Refurbishment.

Hi just wondering if anyone thought it was worth it to refurbish the Qantas 767's and 747's considering they would all retire soon anyway. Would it be worth the millions of dollars they spent on it? and would they have sold 1 more seat because of the refurbishments?


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767s are gone. 747s have a few more years left in them if necessary - and we believe so thanks to the recent A380 outages. 


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The 767s are gone so maybe not... Hard to say.

As for the refurbished 747s, they'll still be in service for a few more years and are operating long haul and ultra long haul routes. So I'd definitely say it is worth it. They also operate a number (3 for memory) of non refurbished 747s and are strategically placed on routes with least competition. (JNB / SCQ) which probably gives you insight as to how Qantas value a rekitted plane.


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Only 2 non-refurbished 747's left. 

Realistically, the refurb 747's could still be flying for another 5 plus years. So definately worth a refurb.

The 767's is another case, however their refurbishment was not as extensive as the 747's.


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Been on the refurbed 747's in upper J cabin, only about 20 MK11 skybed seats, own loo, own galley and 2 FA's cant go wrong in that cosey cabin.

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