Tips for Emirates first class on A380 & 777.

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Tips for Emirates first class on A380 & 777.

Hi all. Travelling Emirates first from Melbourne to Dublin return in F on the A380 & 777. Have been lucky enough to have Travelled J&F with a few airlines but this is my first Emirates experience. Not that it matters but I am a qantas plat. Any tips or must do's would be appreciated.




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Have a shower on the a380!!!


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If you have time, have a meal in the 'Fine Dining' section of the First Class lounge in Dubai. I would also make use of the Qantas First Class lounge in Melbourne instead of the Emirates lounge. You'll need to check-in at Emirates, even if travelling on a Qantas ticket/flight number, mind you that is probably something you already know, being a Platinum frequent flyer... :)


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Expect a crap ton of cheap looking "bling" in the cabin!

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Yep, so tacky isn't it 


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 I flew the A380 and 777s both in Emirates F a few months ago. It was awesome, though I have nothing to compare w/ regards to other international F flights.

Recommended tips:

1. Read the blogs from etc re flight reviews to know what to expect re the seat, amenities etc, if you haven't already

2. Look up the food and drinks menu online; it usually is finalised 2 weeks before departure date.

3. Definitely take a shower on the A380 - you really do feel like a whole new person esp coming off a 10 hour flight. I suggest booking a timeslot (the shower attendant comes around before take off or after take off to make your booking) 3 hours before landing - that way you have time to eat something before you land if you want. You could also preorder your food before your shower - I only thought of this now as I'm typing this.

4. If A380 F cabin is full, service can be a bit hit and miss, especially if you order a cocktail, as that can take a while for it to be made, so order early!.

5. The Arabic Mezze (starter) is quite a large serve.

6. If you like your reds, look out for the St Henri Shiraz. I think its only available on flights back to Aus, and I had a 2009 one on my way back home from Dubai.

7. Don't forget to book your Chauffeur Drive!

8. The Emirates First Lounge in Dubai is incredible, esp the menu, though you may already know this being a QF Platinum.

Hope you enjoy your flights, and have a great trip. Any other questions, just ask


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I flew with them on both aircrafts a couple of months ago for times.

- Service is good, not overly intrusive. They tend to allow you plenty of personal space, so if you need anything just press the button and request for it.

- Book in for a shower time slot at the beginning on A380. It takes a while to be prepared for you, and there will be a spa attendant outside while you have a shower. 

- Any time dining, so order what you want any time. You can also pre order for a later time.

- Arabic coffee/dates combination offered at the beginning of the flight is yummy.

- Don't be afraid to ask for amenities if something is missing.

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