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This is probably a very stupid question to ask. since Qantas have released their classic reward seats i have nor understood them... this is probably because i fly Qantas on standby.. so not an option.


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Qantas have two types of rewards

Classic Rewards - Limited selection of flights and often needs to be booked a long time in advanced, The points required are fixed like a BNE-SYD flight will always be the same number of points and you will not earn any FFQ points or status credits from this type of reward and you will have to pay taxes.

Anytime Rewards - Every flight that can be booked using your credit card online can also be booked as a anytime reward but the number of points depends on what the price is they are selling the ticket online. You will earn status credits +  points and you can also use points to pay the taxes from the flights.

You will always get more value for points when getting a Classic reward but you will also be limited by the small selection of flights that is on offer. (Often partner flights will be booked as a partner code as well which can limit baggage and status benefits)

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There is also the P+P system, where while its not worth on a rate of return on your QF FF points balance usage, this is the one that will earn you further QF FF points and more importantly, earn you QF SC which help you climb the QF FF SC ladder.

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