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NZ lounge MEL. Enjoyed the review from Chris on the NZ lounge in MEL. I've found the same issue with inadequate clearing of dirty dishes, glasses etc in several other of their lounges - BNE, AKL and ZQN. I've also found overcrowding at all of them, to a point where no seats available. Food at MEL is generally not too bad, ZQN is woeful. NZ should do better than this. Anyone else had similar experience with them?


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Completely agree Wilsoni

I think a big problem is NZ let every man, his family, colegues, dog and cat into the lounge. They are the contract lounge for so many airlines and by the time they have covered their own J, FF, and Koru members (not to mention Star Access); they get very busy.

Quite frankly the lounges have not coped with all the extra people which I beleive is the problem here.


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Pardon the terrible spelling 'colleagues' and 'believe' ;)


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Its a simple problem of not enough staff with a very simple solution (more staff).


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It's not a simple solution, when it comes to increasing cost.

I think it's more than that though. It talks to the mindset of management and the organisation's leaders.

Cost cutting is fine, if you don't lose sight of the big picture...unless of course you couldn't give a f*** and concerned only with the bottom line...


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I believe with the new refurbishments, the number of airlines accessing the NZ lounges has been seriously pulled back, so hopefully the previous capacity concerns won't be an issue. I've already noticed this in the new SYD lounge the past few months.


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SYD lounge upgrade has recently reopened, AKL International is due to open at the end of this month. Whilst MEL & BNE refurbs should be at least underway by the end of the year. (By the way, I think NZ MEL lounge is perfectly acceptable)

In regards to ZQN, you do have to remember that it is a regional domestic lounge

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