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BKK flights

Hi Team.

Probably an annoying question but, I have to go to Bangkok in a few weeks for a course and trying to decide how I am going to get there. I am QF Silver flying in economy (unless I can use my QF points to upgrade). Is the QF a330 or the EK777 the way to go? If I fly on EK, can I use my QF points to upgrade? This flying back to Sydney (although then have to get to Melbourne and going through Sydney seems like the way to go).

Alternatively, what is it like flying JQ to Singapore and then QF back to Sydney. Or any other suggestions?


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Oh and QC member. 


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Avoid EK 777 in Y at all cost. 10-across makes for narrow nasty seats. 


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Thanks mate! Exactly what I was after. 


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I assume you're starting in CBR going to BKK?

Haven't quite identified what your core question is haha (e.g. what is the cheapest way to get there, what way will see my best chance of an upgrade, what way has less transit time, etc.)?

To answer your queries anyways, I would be travelling Qantas for a few reasons.


  • Best chance for a cabin class upgrade is via QF, although the chances are slimmer as a QF Silver; your upgrade request will likely be overridden by the membership tiers ahead of you. My understanding (and I am open to correction) is that the A330 being used on that BKK route is the non-refurbished aircraft version, featuring the old Skybed "pods" (as opposed to the new business suites).
  • If you are dead-set on travelling in J-class, consider making an award booking with your Qantas points (60k pts each way).
  • Your QC membership will enable you access to the Qantas lounge at BKK
  • The nice upside of flying QF is that you will accumulate further points and status credits.
  • In fact... if you can get it for the same price, and transit time isn't a big worry, try and get CBR-SYD-SIN-BKK with QF flight numbers, as the three flight sectors each way will result in higher earn rate of points and status credits (thus bringing you closer to QF Gold / OW Sapphire).



  • Not many people here will recommend you fly on DeathStar, myself included!  :-P


  • No points upgrades on EK with Qantas points. And your QC membership will not be recognised at the Qantas lounge in BKK.

Hope this helps mate! Have a great flight!


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Thanks Jay

Really appreciate the comprehensive answer. 

To clarify, not leaving from Canberra (moved to Melbourne). 

My main question was to do with whether I should go the QF a330 or the EK777 (on a QF flight number). But your comments are very helpful. 

I like the idea of going via singapore, but then I would need to fly on Jetstar Asia and as you say, not something you would recommend. 



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I went to BKK on Thai a few weeks back. Economy. From Melbourne. But a Lady at the Airport told me she used to fly Thai but now flies Jetstar in their business class. She really likes it.



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My last 7 trips MEL/BKK/MEL (1 every six mths) has been JQ J class. Prior to this was 1 trip in TG Y class. The cost was AUD1400.00 for TG, as compared to AUD 950,00 to1100.00 with JQ. Not only been cheaper... Seats wider, Priorty boarding, More luggage allowance and QF F/F points and Status credits to boot. I'm sold.....!



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I flew MEL-BKK few times with JQ in their StarClass and will do it again without smallest hesitation. Of course it not business and more like PE. However despite food can be [email protected] (booze fine), seats are great for the price. Flying back overnight is not as much enjoyable as flying forward during the day because seats despite being big enough is still only recliners and sleeping in them not that much fun. So my strategy is to buy JQ MEL-BKK and try to get classic award on route back in business. But getting award ticket became more and more difficult and you have to be incredibly lucky to get one on date that you need.

Upgrade generally works on QF flight with QF tickets, but there are some caveats - read Qantas website.

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