Will this new partnership go as far as EK joining OW?

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Will this new partnership go as far as EK joining OW? Seems to be the obvious alliance for if they did join one. Any thoughts?


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I doubt it, as EK has several times over made it clear they have no intention of joining any alliance. EK boss Tim Clark said this twice, making it very clear what his thoughts were, during the QF-EK presser t'other week.


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Add to the fact that EK is in direct competition with most other OW airlines in both network coverage and target markets... I think it'd be a hard sell to all of the existing alliance members...


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I doubt it as well (although not impossible) is there is not a lot of benefit to EK doing so, what are they really going to gain from it and if so why OW, the smallest of the alliances?  If anything the Middle Eastern carriers like EK QR and EY are in a position to re evolve the entire airline alliance world

They know exactly what they are doing, and the advantages they hold in terms of geographical location, operating costs, and none of the union/tax laws/employment laws, that most legacy carriers are faced with.  They are already  either investing in or forming their codeshare and marketing agreements with their target airlines without having to be attached to any of the three alliances and the rules and regulations attached to being in those alliances

They have the big European carriers running scared, the US carriers just cant compete, and the Asian carriers are watching carefully.They are buying up the market share on important markets where smaller players have very strong local market loyalty and identity

Having said it is extremely tough operating conditions for airlines at the moment - with no strong indicators things are going to improve dramatically in the short to medium term 


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In the latest issue of Australian Aviation magazine Tim Clark has ruled it out.


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