Just noticed that there are codeshare flights with EK (to Europe) on the QF website?

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Just noticed that there are codeshare flights with EK (to Europe) on the QF website? I presume that their alliance must be approved now and a announcement imminent. Any thoughts?


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Qantas have just updated their industry site with the following:


Qantas introduces codeshare services with Emirates to Milan and Manchester 18 December 2012

Qantas today published new codeshare services from Australia to Milan and Manchester under a new codeshare arrangement with Emirates.

The arrangement will see Qantas codeshare on 14 Emirates operated flights per week between Dubai and Milan and Dubai and Manchester for travel from 31 March 2013 (subject to regulatory and Government approval).

Milan and Manchester are currently accessible to Qantas codeshare customers on British Airways operated flights under the Joint Services Agreement (JSA). Qantas and British Airways are in the process of winding down the JSA. As part of this process, Qantas recently removed its code from a number of destinations beyond London for travel from 31 March 2013. Two of these destinations include Milan and Manchester.

These new codeshare services with Emirates will ensure that customers will continue to have seamless access to Europe and be able to book these destinations with certainty.

This codeshare arrangement will not involve any price or capacity coordination between the two airlines and therefore does not require approval from the ACCC to commence selling the services. Qantas and Emirates have applied to the ACCC to authorise a broader partnership that will involve coordination of product, capacity and pricing. The partnership is still subject to approval from the ACCC and a draft decision is expected on 20 December 2012.

Emirates operated flights between Dubai and Milan and Dubai and Manchester both provide direct connections to Qantas operated services QF 1, 2, 9 and 10 between Australia and Dubai (subject to regulatory approvals).


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Nope – they're selling the codeshare flights on the basis that they'll be available, but the approval hasn't happened.

Presumably, if the approval doesn't happen, Qantas will sell you flights through someone else instead.


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Has anyone looked the J class fares; Mel/Mxp/Mel out on the 19th May back on the 29th via Dxb aud18400k return on QF/EK, and that means a seat on the very dated EK a330, have not flown on it for years and have no intention. Same fare on EK all the way Mel/Dxb/Mxp aud8400. Is this what we can learn to expect for the future on QF/EK code shares? Ironically Y class fares on QF/EK via Dxb to Mxp are actually lower than those quoted on EK so QF must be looking at dumping its J pax , or just handing them over to EK  and concentrating on the bottom end of the market– another great move by Joyce!, thank god we have CX and SQ!

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