Shenyang, China

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Shenyang - who's been there and what are your travel tips?


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I have been there a few times. If you're a history buff there is quite a lot to see. Most tips I would have a pretty standard for dongbei. Expect a large cultural/language barrier, impatient and horrible cab drivers. It's very different to Shanghai. If you don't speak mandarin get a dual language map and use the point method to get around. Where possible plan before leaving the hotel as cabs can be hard to get if you're not ethnically Chinese.


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I use an app called Taxi-book to get around china. It displays the Chinese characters of where you want to go, also plays a recording in mandarin in case the driver cannot read. Shenyang is in the app but you have to pay, try the free citys and see if you think it would be useful. 

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