Marc Newson toasters, kettles now on sale for $69

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I'll probably get a bit of good-natured stick for this, but I know some people here are fans of Marc Newson's designs (myself included, although on a selective product-by-product basis) and you may or may now know that he's designed a toaster and kettle for Sunbeam.

These are very nice bits of kit – and very Marc Newson, the moment you see them you can also 'see' the Qantas SkyBed and A380 cabins and other works of his through Newson-esque touches in shapes and colours.

They were also very expensive bits of kit when they debuted a few years back – but they're now on sale at Myers for $69, which really is a steal. I bought mine at a DJs sale earlier this year for a little bit more than that, and I totally recommend either or both if you want a little touch of Qantas A380 in your kitchen!!

Click here for the kettle and here for the toaster.

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