Why does Etihad not fly to Adelaide?

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Shoudy Chen


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Why does Etihad not fly to Adelaide???


Air New Zealand - Airpoints

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You'd have to ask Etihad. 

I suspect it may have something to do with two other ME carriers flying to the fairly small (comparitively) market that is ADL. 


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QR have struggled with poor loadings to ADL, reducing it from a daily service pretty swiftly. There would be no reason for EY to think they could fill a plane any more easily.

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Perhaps something to do with not being able to sell seats? Common sense really


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Maybe something to do with population 


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If EY had commenced services before QR with a 4 weekly, 2 class 787 I think they could have made it work given their strong relationship with VA (ADL is the easiest airport in Australia to transit) and better name recognition in Australia.

But ADL cannot support all 3 and as others have said, QR have really struggled (I understand its one of their worst performing routes worldwide) so ADL would not even be on EYs radar.

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