Etihad vs. Emirates business class out of Perth

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Am looking to fly PER-JFK with either Etihad or Emirates. How does the Business Studio on EY compare to EK's product? 

Note that I'll be flying on 787 then A380 with Etihad vs. 777/A380 then A380 with Emirates.
Also, how are your experiences in the Abu Dhabi lounge? 


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I haven't flown either of them from Perth but I've flown both EY 787's and EK A380's from Brisbane. I personally thought that the EY product was better and the staff seemed more attentive with a much nicer lounge in Abu Dhabi compared to EK's lounge/terminal floor. That being said I guess it's each to their own as I've had family members come back and thought the EK A380 bar was the best thing since sliced bread.


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EY 787 is devine, though the 777 has older seats. Have never flown with Emirates in J


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If picking Emirates be sure to take the evening A380 flight out of Perth for a proper business class. The morning 777 flight is a horrible 2-3-2 business class.


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I flew EY J class last month, Perth - New York. Great experience, both the 787 and the A380 are great. I also had access to the first class lounge in Abu Dhabi due to being VA Platinum. 

Only other airline i'd consider to NYC is cathay pacific, as the travel time is quicker.

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Flew EY to London in J class in March/April. Disappointed with service compared with 18 months previously (when I flew to/from Amsterdam); it was OK but nothing like what it had been before (my sister had a similar experience out of Melbourne recently, compared with 12 months ago). Service to/from London was noticeably non-existent over and above offering a drink when I boarded and providing a meal. Both times I wanted a cup of tea when I woke up. Waited till they'd finished the meal service before pressing call bell, then  waited ten minutes before anyone came.
If you're VA Platinum definitely worth a visit to the First Class lounge in Abu Dhabi.
Thinking of going SQ next time.

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