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While I've heard lots about Qantas' amazing First Class lounge in Sydney, unfortunately they seem to overshadow the adjacent international business class lounge. I'll be flying from Sydney to Hong Kong in Cathay Pacific business class next February, and would like to know more about the food options in Qantas' business class lounge. Do they offer specialty dishes? I've seen reports of them offering Grand Marnier pancakes, smoked salmon, etc., but haven't actually come across any published advertising of them offering any special dishes.

Has anyone had any experience with Qantas International Business Class Lounge Sydney food options? Thanks -Alvin


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The Qantas International Business Lounge in Sydney is not very exciting.

You will find:

  • A buffet of reasonably substantial hot and cold food (suitable to the time of day, so you might find sausages and toast in the morning and perhaps a curry in the afternoon)
  • A self-serve bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • A cafe station with coffee made and gelato scooped to order.

It's no First lounge, let me tell you that!


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They occasionally bring around "special dishes" to the seating areas - I have seen hot chips, pulled pork sliders and buffalo wings. There is a buffet which includes salads, deli items, soups, and other items depending on the time of day - pancakes at breakfast, curries at lunch and dinner. There is usually 5 ice cream flavours, sometimes including a sorbet. It is certantly not as nice as the first lounge but nice enough.


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I've always found the breakfasts in the Sydney Business Lounge to be good -- and much better than lunch and dinner food.


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Those special dishes sound pretty impressive, although I've never been there when they come around. Some dishes are offered around by staff to guests throughout the lounge, I've seen the sliders and bacon & egg rolls. Otherwise, the buffet selection's quite decent, and there's a fresh juice station in the morning which swings over to a gelato bar around noon, with the gelato made in the lounge's kitchen.

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The lounge is OK food wise but not a patch on F. I have a soft spot for the Singapore lounge and the food there. HK is good also


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It certainly isn't a patch on their Changi and Hong Kong lounges, the food is ok but I wouldn't get too excited
We eat at a Japanese restaurant in Mascot Shops and get the 400 Bus for the 10 minute ride
Saves the Gate fee or just get an Uber if there are a few of you and you are $$ ahead


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Sydney lounge is reasonable buffet style affair. Not too inspired usually. Love the Wonton soup in the Cathay HK lounge though! Always make a beeline for this when passing through.

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