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I am flying EK first class from Sydney to Europe next August 2018 with my wife. Emirates A380 F seems to be a great option for couples as my wife and I do like to be seated together. However looking at seat selection on the outbound evening flight from Sydney all 3 rows of double seats in the middle (6 seats) have been blocked as bassinet seats, but the 3 other flights only block the last row (2 seats) as bassinet seats leaving 2 middle rows to select from. 

Can anyone tell me if Emirates are likely to allow those 2 seats to be manually selected for me at this stage if I call them? Thanks for any help!!


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I flew EK F in June and the seats were blocked also. I called then and they wouldn't allow me to book the seats. We have booked QF points and the QF site let me select 1A/2A on both flights.

If you booked through a travel agent, ask them as I know the seats aren't always blocked for them.

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No chance, slim to none at least

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