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1. Have any of you been upgraded to first from business (operational upgrade) say SYD-DFW or DFW-SYD?

2. Why does’nt QF sell all the business seats plus the total number of First (i think there are 14) as Business and upgrade the top tier FF to first class if they do not end up selling paid first class tickets?
3. Would you not think point 2 makes more money for them compared to giving first class seats for points (business upgrades)?
4. Is 62500 points worth spending for upgrade to first on the above sector?


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1. I've only upgraded using points, but op-ups could happen

2. If Business is oversold and if there are insufficient points upgrade requests to First then they will need to op-up. If it became too easy to get op-ups from Business to First then customers would come to expect it and purchases of First would drop.
3. If they can upgrade people for points that's got greater value to QF than just providing the upgrade for free. The occasional free upgrade for P1 would be nice sure, but it needs to be rare enough that one can't come to expect it.
4. Depends on personal preference. Flying First is a great experience especially if the cabin is fairly empty. Not needing to wait for the restrooms and being served promptly is fantastic.


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I did Qantas business class on Perth to Sydney to LAX return 4 x times per year for 6 years and Perth to Sydney to Dallas 4 x per year for 4 years. I never got a single operations upgrade on those 80 USA flights with Qantas. It is worth using points to upgrade to First on the Sydney to Dallas or Sydney to LAX legs IMHO as you get great Rockpool dining menu on an afternoon flight from Australia. It is not worth upgrade on the way back as the flights leave the USA around midnight so sleep is in order rather than entertaining and too much drinking. I've never understood why Qantas is so stingy with the 'rewards' it offers its most frequent flyers. Which is why I now fly to the USA with Air NZ!


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1. Regularly

4. No

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