New Brisbane Qantas International lounge

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Was in there end of June last year. Internet didn't work. Little to no food.



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I may have high expectation (for which I apologise), having in the past enjoyed good First Class Qantas Lounge experiences, as a +10-year Qantas Platinum cardholder.

I had been looking forward to visiting the new Brisbane Qantas International lounge. But how disappointed I was. Maybe I had expectations as platinum card holder, but I was disillusioned, no Platinum service, Qantas Club service maybe just.

Poor food offered (some sort of stew with oil floating on the top, old salad, etc.) poor drinks offering (no champagne) and lacklustre disinterested staff.

I suppose my problem is that I was comparing it to Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Emirates lounges. I did briefly visit new London Qantas International lounge, not really impressed and returned rapidly to the Cathay Pacific First Class lounge.

The new Brisbane Qantas International lounge I would rate maybe 2 out of 10.

It now seems to be the norm for all Qantas lounges how to reduce operating costs of these facilities and skip on quality food offerings and service. I seen all of this in action at Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney clubs what a sham when they promise the world and deliver ....well !


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From my past few experiences with the new lounge (all of them mid to late morning visits), I have been very happy with the lounge. The breakfast options are vast, the tendered bar with the more healthier beverage options upstairs give variety and the staff seem friendly.

It does seem there are issues with the afternoon and evening food offerings being below par by the amount of comments. Let's hope this information gets back to the people that matter at QF and this can improve over time. The one issue that QF will need to manage as more flights are introduced is over crowding. I hope the upcoming new flights to the USA are timed for a PM departure to overcome this problem.

Overall though this lounge is very good.

Michael Kao

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I'm currently in the Silverkris lounge BNE and I can tell you it ain't much better.

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