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Currently Velocity Gold and looking to head to Africa in November 2018 but Emirates are offering better flights and times than Etihad. Can any provide feedback on Emirates economy and upgrading to Business via cash? Or is it worth flying at least to Abu Dhabi with Etihad and then switching airlines to head to Cape Town then Nairobi. Thanks in advance!


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Just booked a trip last week to SA. Went with SQ Adelaide to Cape Town as the options and time were best suited. Plus SQ had sale fares at $4800 which was brilliant - a solid $1k less than everyone else (excluding SAA which weren’t on the list).


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Personally I had a pretty bad experience in Etihad's A380 business class. Seats were hard, flight attendants rude, freezing cold cabin, etc. However Etihad's shorthaul offering is impressive. I would pick Emirates any day of the week from a comfort perspective (in economy, business AND first). However, if you need to maintain status and flying Etihad is the only option in doing so, then pick Etihad (especially if they're cheaper). Emirates are a favorite of mine and I think if they are a feasible option, then I would pick Emirates over pretty much any airline.


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as far as i am aware with emirates 'upgrading with cash' means paying the fare difference you would routinely pay - there generally isnt cheap upgrades although sometimes on checking in online there is the option to pay for upgrade - just not all the time and presumably on certain heavy booked flights - if you want business id book it first up as no guarantee re a cheaper upgrade with emirates and if left and paying cash its the same anyway! never flown emirates economy though so cant comment on that - but a380 certainly looks roomier than 777 depending on planes you will be taking

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Do you have any Skywards miles? Emirates routinely offer upgrades between African destinations and DXB with miles if you set the upgrade alert in "Manage your booking" on the web site. Not a huge amount of miles needed unless you book economy saver. Check what's needed in the Miles Calculator.


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Have flown this route before with Etihad. Had similar travel time to EK. If you take the night departure out of Sydney, you'll have a good connection. Stick with Etihad and get your status credits up. You'll get treated a lot better onboard as VA Gold than you would with no status on EK.


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It is worth noting that EK offer direct flights between DXB and NBO, which may be useful if you need to fly in (or out) of NBO and avoid an additional layover in CPT. For what it is worth and if you are brave, Kenya Airways offer a similar double daily service. You may wish to increase your travel/life insurance policies if you opt for the latter.

On the other hand there is just a single flight a day between AUH and NBO, which is somewhat less convenient and may make connections difficult, if not impossible.

Aside from that, I personally think the J-class product is superior on EY. You don't say what your home port is, but EY have a modern fleet of 789s which have a far superior J-class product than the 777 EK offering in J. Obviously, if you can swing a A380 flight things may be different.

At risk of putting my "head above the parapet", I don't really agree that you will be treated particularly favourably on EY for having VA Gold. It is, obviously, better than having no status at all!


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I flew Etihad when I was VA Platinum. No better treatment in Business class. My seat had a faulty headset connection and at the end of the flight I was given a letter that I will be given 10000 points due the faulty headset connection. 2 years later I am still waiting for the points


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Be aware in CPT of EK check in agent offering a good deal if your baggage is overweight at all and you have purchased a special Y fare. A friend of my who I work with was told "you help me I will help you" which been a government employee she immediately rejected and reported to flight centre who she booked thru in Syd of happening. Seems like corruption in still rife in CPT. She is still been mucked around by EK to get her extra luggage back even though it was flown back to Sydney after she gave multiple items to a lovely lady in CPT who runs a charity and we know the bags are in SYD after been advised they had arrived by a friend at Syd border force

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