China 144 hour visa exemption

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Just wondering if I would qualify for the 144 Visa exemption as I am attending a trade show for 3 days in Shanghai.

Flying itinerary Syd(Qantas)- HK (Cathay)- Shanghai - HK (Cathay), connecting with QF to Sydney on same evening. I have read about the 3rd country rule but wondering how they would regard the outbound leg back to HK, even though I'm transiting through HK back to Sydney? (hope this makes sense!)


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no. You won't qualify.
You're flying SYD-HKG-PVG-HKG-SYD. China only looks at HKG-PVG-HKG, which is to and from the same immigration area, so not a "transit" under the 72/144 hour TWOV program. SYD-HKG-PVG-SYD would qualify.
China does not care how long you are in the other country for.
A SYD-xHKG-PVG-xNRT-SYD routing would be valid. China will see it at HKG-xPVG-NRT, even if you are only in Hong Kong for 90 minutes and Narita for 2 hours - which the airlines would view as a SYD-PVG-SYD trip.

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