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Hi Guys, looking for a bit of guidance. Advance seat selection for a380 flight has numerous openings for the upper cabin including 32/33. Usual seats in 35 are either booked or not available to QF Platinum right now. Naturally, I was looking at row 32, but would the bulkhead be limiting legroom especially for someone around 188 cm? Thanks!


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I’m 194cm and find the bulkhead up there fine. I’ve booked 32K for an upcoming trip following prior experience.


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Hi czechwonder, I too have flown in 32K and have booked it for subsequent flights.

While I am a shorty (159cm) the person traveling beside me was very tall, and he managed to stretch out with the extra room the bulkhead provides. The added bonus is no-one to recline their seat back into your face, you can step over the legs of the 32J passenger without waking them if required, and the window storage is excellent given you have to stow everything away for takeoff and landing.

I'd grab the 32.

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