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Hi all,

Dose anyone one understand how JQ decides how much their business class "bundles" cost for international routes. They seem to be all over the place ranging from $200 to over $800, but providing the same benfits. Their dose not seem to always be a link to their base fare.


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It is generally $200 (at least to Asia) except when the base fares go on sale like the sale that started today. The bundle then increases to make up for the discount on the base fare.


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As I understand it, while you only see the family name, such as business, or business max, under the covers they still use fare classes. What is presented as the bundle price is basically the current fare difference between the underlying fares.


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Yep... Some classes are only bookable via the website, Others are available to travel agents and online websites (see attached photo, agents can only book J business with the bundle) and finally some fare classes like D (business class) are only available if booked with an interline partner eg OOL-NRT (JQ Business D fare) then NRT-CDG (AF Business J fare) on the single ticket.

note : Starter Business fares can't be sold by agents so hence doesn't appear in that chart.

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