Early bag check at LAX

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Hi folks, has anyone had success checking bags 30 hours before a QF flight at LAX?

Customer centre said not possible but thought I’d check here as well.



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Hiya Steve,

Having been in that situation myself, I can confirm there absolutely is no chance of dropping bags that early on the flight. Unfortunately TSA restrictions mean luggage can only be checked-in 4 hours before you travel. Additionally, the check-in counters at TBIT are closed and unmanned before flights. Travel class and status won't assist in any way. You'll have to hang onto your bags until just a few hours before the first evening departures, when check-in opens. So sorry for the bad news!



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Thanks Jay - damn!

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QF opens their check-in desks at 6pm for all their departures that evening.

There are no storage facilities inside LAX, but there is a local luggage storage business that does pickup and delivery services to and from LAX, called laxluggagestorage


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Thanks - yes, looked at those guys - US$44+tax for 24 hours for two bags seemed outrageous to me. Looks like a competitor has just opened up which hopefully will drive prices down.

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