Questions regarding A380 refurbishment and upgrade option.

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Hi Everyone,

I have just booked a return PE ticket for travel between MEL - Berlin Via SIN and LHR. (return)

The following flights are:

QF 35 (A380) MEL-SIN
QF1 (A380) SIN-LHR



As far as I can tell, all the flights are on A380's, However, QF2 says it has the new 97CM Seat. Can anyone tell me If QF has or is planning to upgrade the rest of their PE seats on the A380's to the new one?

2nd question, When I click manage my booking there is an option to click on "upgrade" I have enough points for the QF1 upgrade but the phrasing is a bit weird --> A Classic Upgrade Reward request is for all passengers. Only "eligible family membersThis link opens in a new window can be upgraded."

followed by

This means you will be considered for an upgrade right up to the gate if we are unable to upgrade you before you get to the airport. Before you register, please note the information below and read the fullYour Bookings.Qantas Points
  • Classic Upgrade Reward requests confirmed within 24 hours of departure are non- refundable.
  • Sufficient Qantas Points need to be available in your account for the upgrade to be confirmed.
  • Classic Upgrade Rewards are subject to capacity controls and availability is limited.
  • When two or more passengers are travelling together we will do all possible, but cannot guarantee, you will be seated together.
  • We will do all possible but cannot guarantee special meal requests in the upgraded cabin.

Since I am travelling solo on PE, does this mean I am requesting an upgrade for myself?

Thanks all!



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According to the QANTAS Newsroom (August last year) the Qantas upgrades will occur over 18 month from second quarter 2019 and include 'installing the airline’s all new Premium Economy seat in a 2-3-2 configuration. This seat is almost 10 per cent wider than the model it replaces and will debut on the Dreamliner later this year'.

As for the second question it is a upgrade for you alone unless you are travelling with an eligible family member. I think the phrase 'all passengers' means all passengers in the PE cabin are eligible if they wish to apply. The reason they say this is that in economy SALE fare passengers cannot apply for an upgrade.

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