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Hi all

For the past 5 trips, my passport has failed using the automated machines for both incoming and outgoing processing in both Sydney and Brisbane.  Arrived from Spain on Friday in Sydney, was re directed to manual processing.  Flying to India this morning, same issue at the outgoing gate.  While customs are very helpful, they are not able to explain the issue.  The passport is only a year old, anyone else had the same issue?  It’s becoming a nuisance….



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you're not alone
my previous one was hit/miss, as was the experience with whoever was on manual processing (but that's a whole other topic), although I was told once it was a faulty chip


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Mine seems to be OK outgoing but has issues incoming at Sydney every time (again this morning) and has failed through Brisbane before, I was told that the machines in Sydney are older. I see they have two new trial machines setup just as you exit duty free in SYD


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Mine failed the very first time I used the automated machines in Singapore. There was an agent on duty and he went to his terminal and did something and asked me to try again and it has worked ever since.


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I've had issues with the outgoing gates twice. Once in SYD, once in MEL. Not sure why in SYD, but it appeared to be a problem with the hardware, almost everyone using that gate was sent for manual processing.
In MEL, it was because my flight hadn't been set to active in the ABF system (I was connecting and was 'early' to the border), so the autogate wasn't able to find my passport details.

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I go in and out of Brisbane international once every two months. On outward legs, the scanning machine never works, or rather it scans OK, but then when I get to the camera, it fails. Border control dont seem interested in the problem, and push towards the long queue of other people whose passports also failed the scan. I have asked several times whether it is the equipment or the passport, and they dont know and dont seem to care. But the Brisbane airport authorities need to sort this out as it is very frustrating to have to queue twice when I know my passport will fail the first scan. Coming back into Brisbane is no problem, the scanners are fine. So what give?

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