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I have a planned flight SGN - SIN - DRW with Jetstar Asia, booked under the same PNR. When I booked, there was a note saying that checked baggage will not be thru checked and this connection requires baggage to be collected and re checked in.

What's everyone's experience with thru check for Jetstar, in particular at SIN?


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That's frustrating, but I can imagine a few reasons why this might be the case?

  • Jetstar does not transfer passenger baggage, except in certain limited circumstances. SGN-SIN is with Jetstar Asia and SIN-DRW is Jetstar International, and the system can't reconcile the disparity.

  • The flights were not booked in one booking, a sector was added to your PNR via phone booking.

  • The time between arrival and onward departure at SIN is too great (over 24hrs) to allow seamless pax & baggage transfer.

  • Your arrival in SIN necessitates you to re-check personally at Jetstar's check-in desk (not the airport transfers desk) for whatever reason, and thus your luggage must be collected.

Do any of these sound like they might fit the bill?

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It's simpler than that - Jetstar is a point-to-point airline. Each sector is regarded as separate event. They might check you in all the way in SGN, but you'll certainly need to collect your luggage and check it in again in SIN - luggage transfers are not part of the Jetstar package.


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The FAQ on the Jetstar website suggests that your bags will be checked through. This would make sense as Jetstar interlines with several full service airlines.

"Please be aware that we don’t transfer your baggage between flights. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Connecting international Jetstar flights and flights with our partner airlines (see list below), where both international flights were purchased on the same booking"

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