Using CPAP on Qantas International

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I'm flying to the UK next year on Qantas J (I am an FF) because I believe they will allow me to use my CPAP machine straight from their power points. I read somewhere (possibly here) that Qantas set a 75 watt limit and if that is exceeded the power point shuts down and can only be reset on the ground.

Has anyone here used their CPAP machine on a Qantas flight powered from the plug and can confirm that I will have no problem with my machine? The Qantas website is not very helpful and the e-mails I've received have not answered this question.



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The plugs on qantas planes are via a USB and given the time it takes to charge anything are very low wattage and it would make sense that they shut down if there is an attempt to overload them. A safer option would be to take a battery pack which if I recall you can have up to 65watts capacity. I have one and have used it as sometimes the QF port does not work and it also enables two to be charged at once. As an extra bonus they can be used to jump start you car.

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Contact Qantas Special Handling. The medical outlets are at specific seats and are separate to the normal at-seat power outlets for laptops etc.


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Use of the CPAP needs special clearance from QF, they have a form etc

The QF webpage has the following
Note: Onboard use of Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) devices (both battery operated and electric) requires Qantas clearance, however it does not require clearance from a medical practitioner. Simply download and complete the CPAP Travel Clearance form and fax to +61 (2) 9490 1830 and we'll review and make the necessary arrangements. This form also lists the current CPAP devices authorised for use on Qantas aircraft. (yet the form doesnt list these at all).

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