Intentional Upgrade - Changed Pin

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Hi All,

I recently requested a classic flight upgrade on BNE-LAX. For some reason my account got locked and required a PIN change. I changed my PIN and saw that I needed to contact QFF Service Centre to update the PIN on my upgrade request as seen in the AusBT article and in the QFF T&C's. I rang the QFF centre and they said they were not aware of the PIN needing to be updated and that it would processed within 48hrs of departure. Has anyone had a similar situation or have any info on this?



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The page on Qantas' website about International Classic Upgrade Rewards states this:

  • All PIN changes between the time a Classic Upgrade Reward is requested and the time of confirmation must be advised to Qantas reservations. Otherwise the Classic Upgrade Reward request will not be processed.


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When you get on to an agent who doesn't know what they're talking about you should HUACA (Hang Up and Call Again).


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It is no longer necessary to reconfirm with QF about pin change. It happened to me last time, called QF, the agent had no idea what i was talking about. I got my upgrade. The key is to check if the upgrade request is still there. Cheers.L


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So after the 5th time calling I finally got someone that knew what I was talking about. He said that notifying them of a PIN change is no longer required with the new system. Furthermore that as long as the request is in the system (He confirmed this) the upgrade will be processed. Cheers Guys

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