BNE Domestic Qantas Club access with JQ

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As someone with no experience in BNE, I was wondering if it's easy enough to access the new Qantas Club if flying with Jetstar?

Are their terminals close enough/connected airside?

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It's a short walk - allow 5-10mins to get to Jetstar gates. Lounge is at one end with Jetstar gates in the middle of the terminal.

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As above, its all linked airside.

Even linked right down to the end, where the VA gates are.
The QP is very nice after this latest renovations/refresh they did a while back.
Did one visit about 9 months ago, or so.
Most likely you won't have premium security usage, so have to go up the middle escalators by the JQ check in area, go up one level, go through domestic security, turn left facing gates/runway, go right to the far left.
BNE airport has maps on their website.

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