Can I book Qantas reward seats over phone for PER-HKG-DHK flights?

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Hi all.

We (family of four) are from PER and planning for a family holiday at HKG from 22/12/18 (PER-HKG) to 29/12/18 (HKG-DHK) on our way to DHK. While trying to book 4 x eco reward seats through Qantas website, I found that:

1. Seats are available on 22/12/18 in CX 142 (PER-HKG) and KA 110 (HKG-DHK). Same flights are also available on 29/12/18 as well.

2. But the search for ONLY PER-HKG for 22/12 doesn’t come up with any reward seat. Same result with the multi-city search. However, flights are available for the HKG-DHK on 29/12/18.

Is there a way to book the flights over phone?

Thanks in advance


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CX uses married segments which is when some seats are only made available to passengers transiting HKG to and from certain cities. Availability is different to passengers starting or terminating in HKG. There is no harm in calling Qantas but it is likely that they will also only be able to see what you are seeing.

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Which airport is DHK?

Do you mean Dhaka? The airport code for this is DAC


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Yes, the DHK had me wondering as well. No such three letter city code as DHK.

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