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I just received a Platinum newsletter email from Qantas. Looks to be something new. It says there are exclusive offers such as the one that gives you the chance to win a Flight Simulator experience. Showed me how many miles I had flown this year. Not sure how often this Platinum email will come out and who will receive it. Only Platinum (Plat One) members? Survey included. Interesting


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Metoo, I received the same email and I am Platinum.

Like you, I found it interesting and a nice way of acknowledging those who are loyal to the airline. I liked the survey they had at the bottom of the newsletter.

I think communication like this is a good and easy way for Qantas to remain in close touch with its regular fliers - I suggest it come out every two months.

Well done Qantas!



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Yep, saw this lob into my Inbox yesterday arvo – a good idea, let's hope they make the most of it. I liked the section on availability of business class and premium economy reward flights.



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I got this also, found the KMs travelled bar interesting, and how it gave me my position in terms of KMs travelled vs other platinum flyers.


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A neat new idea. Will be interesting to see the frequency of these and also future content.


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Got it and jumped on the deal for six reds straight away. Some great wines in there and cheaper than Dan’s.


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Got it to helpfully it will be monthly.also like the special event invites like g,day USA,Mel cup an F1.


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I liked it. Gave a number of suggestions in the survey. Great initiative.

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